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How to Choose The Right Realtor®

Your most important decision when purchasing your home is the selection of the person you choose to represent you.

The job of your Sales Associate is to support you in purchasing your home with the best possible terms, and to aid you through the entire process.

Your Sales Associate will explain the process of purchasing a home, and familiarize you with the various activities, documents and procedures that you will experience throughout the transaction.
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7 Steps to take before your buy a home

By doing your homework before you buy, you’ll feel more content about your new home. Most potential homebuyers are a smidge daunted by the fact that they’re about to agree to a hefty mortgage that they’ll be paying for the next few decades. The best way to relieve that anxiety is to be confident you’re purchasing the best home at a price you can afford with the most favorable financing. These seven steps will help you make smart decisions about your biggest purchase.
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8 tips for finding your new home

A solid game plan can help you narrow your homebuying search to find the best home for you. When looking for your new house, make sure to take into consideration how long you plan to stay there. House hunting is just like any other shopping expedition. If you identify exactly what you want and do some research, you’ll zoom in on the home you want at the best price. These eight tips will guide you through a smart homebuying process.
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7 tips for improving your credit

Here’s how to clean up your credit so you get the least-expensive home loan possible. Boost your credit score by paying the balance on your credit cards in full, and on time, every month. Getting the loan that suits your situation at the best possible price and terms makes homebuying easier and more affordable. Here are seven ways to boost your credit score so you can do just that.
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